custom fit suitsIf you’re like many people, you’ve never had custom fit suits before. The simple fact is that most of us are happy to buy suits off the rack and tailored to fit their body about as close as they can have.

While there’s nothing wrong with this in theory, you simply won’t get the same results as you would when you get custom fit suits made just for you.

How are you supposed to go about having a custom suit made for you though if you’ve never done it before? A lot of men think that custom fit suits simply aren’t for them, or if they don’t know how to obtain one or what to pick, they’re better off buying from a big menswear store.

The truth is that anyone can have custom fit suits in their closet and buying one can make you feel like a million bucks, even if you only spend a little more than a good quality off the rack suit. Use these eight tips to help you choose the perfect suit and get through the process of buying custom for the first time.

Once you do you’ll never want to go back to off the rack again.

1. Find Your Tailor

The first and most important part of having custom fit suits made is finding the right tailor for your particular suit. While most tailors can do alterations, it does take somebody special with relevant experience to build one from nothing.

You’ll also want to look for a tailor who understands what’s currently popular in the fashion world. If you don’t you could end up with a suit that makes you look dated or well beyond your years, and at that point, you would probably be better off with something off the rack.

Finding a tailor who gets what you’re after and who you can communicate with is an essential first step toward buying custom fit suits. You’ll also be building a relationship for future purchases and all of your tailoring needs.

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2. Choose Your Style

After finding a tailor, you need to explain what style of suit you want. There are a lot of different suit styles out there, but most guys are going for a somewhat vintage yet modern style with narrow lapels, a fitted body and straight pants without pleats.

However, if you’d prefer a fuller cut or even an English style cut you can have that when you have custom fit suits made for you. Talk to your tailor and express what you want. Bringing pictures of suits you like can also help.

If you’re not 100-percent sure what you want, your tailor should also be able to show you examples. That way you’ll end up with a suit you want to wear all of the time.

3. Pick Your Fit

Fit is an essential matter when dealing with custom fit suits and you‘ll get a lot of measurements taken. However, not all guys want the same fit, so it’s important to be clear about your desires at this point.

Do you want an ultra-modern, very slim cut? Do you want a fuller cut because you work in a corporate environment and that’s what you see the most?

Let your tailor know what type of cut you want. They’ll also be able to offer assistance if you’re not sure what’s best for you based on your job, body type and where you’ll be wearing the suit.

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4. What’s Your Budget?

Custom suits can be affordable, but they can also cost more than your car. When you’re having custom fit suits made for you you’ll need to set a budget and let your tailor know how much you’re willing to spend.

By setting a budget they’ll show you options within your price range. You don’t want to waste time looking at cheap materials that are beneath your desires for quality, or ultra-expensive materials that you’re not willing to splurge on.

5. How Will You Wear It?

Another important factor when deciding to have custom fit suits made is how you’ll wear them. Are you planning to wear your suit to work? Are you attending a formal wedding? Maybe you’re even getting married?

The way you’ll wear your suit matters and your tailor should know this information. They’ll be able to help you pick the right styling and details based on the occasion you plan on wearing the suit.

If you’re just buying for nighttime wear or you don’t have any restrictions on clothing you can just pick what you like, but your tailor will still be able to give you good advice if you pick the right one.

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6. What’s Your Color?

The color of your suit matters, especially if you don’t have tons in your closet. If you’re buying one of your first high-quality suits, consider going with a color that will allow for lots of wear like navy blue, charcoal or black.

If you already have a ton of suits in your closet, you can go for more trendy colors like high blue, hunter green or even deep, rich red. You’ll get lots of wear out of these colors and really stand out as a fashionable man in any room.

7. Material Concerns

The material that you pick is one of the biggest considerations when it comes to buying custom fit suits. When deciding on a material, perhaps the most important thing to think about is the climate of the area you live in and when you want to wear the suit.

If you plan on buying a suit for winter wear you’ll want to look at heavyweight wool materials and blends that will keep you from freezing. Even if you wear a heavy overcoat you’ll still want something warm.

However, if you want something for summer you should take a look at blended materials and linen. They tend to breathe the best and keep you from sweating through your clothes on particularly hot days.

Guys that need suits for year round wear should consider tropical wool and mid-weight blends. You’ll be able to get away with those on all but the hottest and coldest days of the year.

custom fit suits

8. Details Matter

Purchasing custom fit suits allows you to get the materials, styling and fit that you’re after in a perfect suit. You also get to choose all of the details that make up your suit.

For example, you’ll be able to pick the buttons on the front of your jacket, the lining on the inside of your jacket and even how your pockets are cut and situated. While you don’t have to go crazy with all of these details, a lot of stylish men prefer something a little more interesting on their custom fit suits like unique buttons or closures.

If you don’t have any outstanding preferences, let your tailor know. They’ll show you examples and help craft a suit that is everything you expect and pretty traditional, at least when it comes to appointments.

Just know that you can have any details and appointments you have ever desired when you purchase a custom fit suit!


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