Most men who don’t wear t-shirts, shorts and sandals seven days a week probably have at least one or two blazers in their wardrobe. In fact, even guys that are pretty casual and dressed down 29 days of the month have a few in the back of the closet. Why? Blazers are a classic staple because they’re so versatile.

If you’re a bit more discerning about your wardrobe, however, or you’re trying to look better for work or that special someone, you might be considering custom blazers. Custom blazers give you the perfect fit in the exact style you want, making them an ideal choice for the fashion-savvy man.

Best of all, smart shoppers can wear their blazers in a variety of ways this winter. Master these eight methods for wearing custom blazers for any occasion and you’ll be the best dressed guy in the room every time.

1. Blue Jean Casual

Blue jeans are a staple of every man’s wardrobe. Who doesn’t love their favorite pair of worn Levi’s, or if you’re a bit more stylish, AG Jeans or Seven For All Mankind denim. How do you dress them up though?

When you want to stay casual, like if you’re going to a casual party or out to a simple dinner with friends, try an unstructured custom blazer. The color is up to you, but charcoal, navy and olive are ideal for this winter season.

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2. Black Jeans Semi-Casual

Going to a party full of people you don’t know? How about a casual first or second date where you want to look your best without looking like you’re trying too hard?

Black jeans and a blazer are your ticket. Go for a slim-fit blazer that’s also unstructured. Dark colors are best for night time wear, so opt for charcoal, black or a deep, rich red if you can pull it off.

3. How About Colored Denim?

Perhaps you’re an artist or maybe you’re just tired of all the gray. Sure, it’s hot this season, but it just isn’t you. So grab some colored denim and make the season bend to your sense of style.

To pair those green, red or brown jeans with a blazer you need to choose something neutral. Unstructured is fine, but avoid crazy patterns unless you want to look truly eccentric.

4. Polo, Anyone?

Maybe you’re not exactly an avid horse rider, but you like the look. Or, maybe you just like to bet on them and look like you’re a winner while you do it. Whatever the case, a polo shirt with a blazer can be a pretty smart look if you like to keep it preppy.

To pull it off though you’re going to need a somewhat structured blazer with a bit of shoulder padding. Details like brass buttons and quality materials like tropical wool in navy blue are best.

5. With Chinos

A good pair of chinos can take you anywhere and you’ll hardly ever look too dressed up or too casual. The same is true of a refined blazer, so the two are a natural combination.

Structured navy blue, gray, olive, red or brown blazers are best for this look. Custom blazers in textured materials like tweed are an excellent choice if you like wearing chinos on a regular basis.

6. Over Your Sweater

Winter is cold – that’s something we all know. Sometimes a sweater isn’t good enough and a blazer really won’t cut it. You’ve probably already figured out the stylish solution.

To pair sweaters with custom blazers you’ll want to pick a thinner sweater with a solid texture. Cashmere is great for winter, and custom blazers with a little padding on the shoulders and a relatively full body are optimal.

custom blazers

7. T-Shirt Hip

Wearing a t-shirt with custom blazers isn’t anything new. Silicon Valley execs have been doing it for years, just like all the entertainment fat cats in LA and New York. You can try it out too.

The secret to wearing a t-shirt with a blazer is buying a high-quality t-shirt – not one you got from a package of six. When it comes to the blazer, you’ll want something unstructured and pretty slim.

A blazer that’s too big or has too much shoulder padding is going to make you look like an old, out of touch guy that desperately wants to look cool.

8. Try a Scarf

Sometimes what you wear with a blazer isn’t about the pants, shirt or even the shoes that you’re wearing. In fact, sometimes your personal style really isn’t about the basic pieces that you’re wearing, especially in the winter when you’re likely to be bundled up against the cold anyway.

To make your blazer really stand out from everybody else’s while you stay warm, why not adopt the scarf? If you’ve been holding out for years because you think they aren’t manly, you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s about time you get in the game.

What type of scarf should you pair with custom blazers? Broad stripes, checkered patters and even plaids are very popular this season. They’ll also add some texture to plain blazers without a ton of accent, which is what you need to start buying if you don’t already have a bunch in your closet.

One word of advice – if your blazer has a lot of texture, you should pick a plain scarf in cashmere or heavy wool.


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