If you’re like a lot of guys, the thought of getting yourself a new blazer isn’t all that exciting. After all, most blazers that you buy off the rack really don’t look that much different than every other one you see on the street, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Buying a custom blazer can help you make yours stand out from the crowd by allowing you to pick all of the options like the material, lining, cut and even the small details like the buttons.

However, choosing buttons for your blazer may not be as immediately obvious as you think it is, and there are some pretty big differences between your average custom blazer buttons and high-quality custom blazers buttons.

If you’re willing to do just a little research though, you can end up with some pretty magnificent buttons for any blazer you’re having made.

Whether it’s an off the boat and right to dinner navy blue blazer or a pitch black blazer for more formal events, custom blazer buttons really can make all the difference.

Use this guide to help you choose the best ones for your custom blazer.

custom blazer buttons1. Britex Textured Gunmetal Blazer Button


The Britex Textured Gunmetal Blazer Button is a pretty simple one that provides just that little bit of extra texture to make your jacket stand out from all the others.

Best of all, it’s an affordable button that looks good on almost every jacket from navy and gray to black and khaki or taupe – if you pair your blazer with the right pants.

custom blazer buttons2. Manning & Manning Classic Club Stripes in Navy/Red


This classic club stripe button in navy and red is perfect for that nautical looking blue blazer that you want to bring into the 21st century.

It’s also one of the best blazer buttons for a jacket with a darker pattern since it can give you a bit of color that pops off the jacket without looking too over the top.

custom blazer buttons3. Benson & Clegg Plain Dome Gold Buttons


If you want that basic gold button look but you want something that pops just a little bit more, Benson & Clegg Plain Dome Gold Buttons will do exactly that. They’re so bright they’ll act as a mirror for the person in front of you and the domed face really draws attention without being to bold.

These buttons are perfect for navy blazers or chocolate blazers with some real attitude.

custom blazer buttons4. The Custom Shop Clothiers Fleur De Lys Black Enamel Blazer Button


The fleur de lys pattern is a classic, but it’s one you see on clothes a lot more than you see on buttons.

While some guys might think this pattern is a bit too garish for them, the black enamel buttons are pretty understated if you choose the front only option or go with only small sleeve buttons. Use these buttons to craft an elegant black evening jacket.

custom blazer buttons5. Britex Equestrian Antique Silver Blazer Button


A silver equestrian button might sound like it’s going to be a little stuffy, but this antiqued looking button is subtle enough that most guys will be able to pull it off, even at work.

The texture adds something to a gray jacket and is perfect for a navy blue blazer as well, so don’t be afraid to look like Thurston Howell. You won’t.

custom blazer buttons6. The Custom Shop Clothiers 4 Hole Effect Enamel Blazer Button


Another enamel button, this 4 hole effect button gives the illusion of button stitching at first glance, but provides a solid, secure and stylish custom blazer button for your jacket.

The gold color is subtly handsome, making it a pretty excellent go-to button for almost any blazer, from navy to black to cream.

custom blazer buttons7. Manning & Manning Criss Cross Blue/Navy Blazer Front Button


This is one of those custom blazer buttons that just screams class. It’s a bright color, sure, but it won’t hold the eye from seeing your custom blazer in all its glory.

Pair this button with a blue, taupe or cream blazer. It will also look good on an elegant camel blazer.

custom blazer buttons8. Britex Textured Matte Silver Blazer Button


If you were planning on going with a simple silver button for your jacket, you can take it up just one notch with this lightly textured button. It works perfectly for an understated black blazer, but you can put it on a navy blue jacket just as easily.

At $1.50, it’s one of the best custom blazer buttons out there for all-purpose use that isn’t too boring.

9. custom blazer buttonsThe Custom Shop Clothiers Wolf Head Nickel Mounted Blazer Button


When it comes to eye-catching custom blazer buttons, you can’t beat this nickel mounted button with the face of a wolf right on the front. It might sound completely over the top, but it’s actually a fun button that’s perfect for a high-quality designer blazer.

Best of all, it’s one of those custom blazer buttons that will pair well with almost any blazer color, from taupe and camel to black or navy.

custom blazer buttons10. Benson & Clegg Brown Leather Button


It might be a while since you’ve seen a leather button, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of style. This one from Benson & Clegg is perfect for a navy, taupe, cream camel or khaki blazer. The leather will also add texture to a flat looking jacket.

custom blazer buttons11. The Custom Clothiers Golf Ball Silver Blazer Button


Whether you’re actually part of a golf club or you just like texture, this almost abstract looking button is the perfect adornment to a custom blazer in black or navy. It will stand out though, so make sure you’re ready for a bold look.

If that’s what you want, you can’t beat this button.

custom blazer buttons12. Mood Designer Fabrics 40L/25mm Gold Metal Coat Button


Heavily textured buttons are perfect as custom blazer buttons because they highlight the quality of a custom piece. This one in gold is perfect for your camel, tan, blue or black jacket if you want texture and shine.

It’s also a pretty modern button, so guys don’t have to worry about that ‘antique’ look if they aren’t into it.

custom blazer buttons13. Manning & Manning Rope Rim (Gilt) Blazer Front Button


This classic button is one of the best custom blazer buttons out there if you want something that’s truly beautiful and timeless, yet modern enough to wear without most people really thinking about the buttons on your jacket.

Designed in a soft gold color with a ‘rope’ trim around the edges, this Manning & Manning button is perfect for a navy or camel blazer.

custom blazer buttons14. Mood Designer Fabrics 40L/25MM Copper Metal Coat Button


Suited perfectly to a vintage-inspired navy blazer, this button is the perfect adornment to a custom blazer if you like a bit of subdued color. They also have a little vintage flair that a lot of men will love.

custom blazer buttons15. Ben Silver Anchor in Blue


These custom blazer buttons in 24k gold with a clearly visible blue anchor in the center might seem a bit kitschy, but they are top quality and will add a playful look to your blazer. They’re ideal for a navy blue, camel or tweed blazer.

custom blazer buttons16. Britex Domed Lion Rampant Antique Gold Blazer Button


This is another one of the custom blazer buttons that might sound kitschy, but the truth is that these buttons really are pretty understated.

They come in antique gold and the lion looks more vintage-inspired than something you’d get from a fraternity or boys club.

custom blazer buttons17. The Custom Shop Clothiers Checkerboard Silver Blazer Button


Finished in bright silver, this checkerboard pattern button for custom blazers is one that will catch your eye right away. It does stand out a bit, but if you’re looking for something more fun, this will look great on a gray, black or navy jacket.

custom blazer buttons18. The Custom Shop Clothiers Parachute Regiment Mounted Blazer Button


If you like traditional buttons with a modern touch, this is one of the best custom blazer buttons you can buy. It’s a button that everybody will see and comment on when you wear your blazer. Pair it with dark blue, camel or taupe.

custom blazer buttons19. Benno’s Dill Blazer Buttons


These bright gold blazer buttons were surely designed for navy blue jackets, but they could work on a black background or even a camel jacket if you like the shine. The added texture on the front also makes them look and feel more modern than a traditional bright gold blazer button.

custom blazer buttons20. Britex Play Card Black Glass Button


Made of black glass with silver playing cards, this button sounds tacky but really isn’t. In fact, it’s one of those custom blazer buttons that every guy who sees it will want, even if they’re not a card player. It’s perfectly suited for black, white or silver jackets.

custom blazer buttons21. The Custom Shop Clothiers East India Company Bronze Blazer Button


One of the few custom blazer buttons on this list in a very old looking bronze, you might think it would be difficult to pair this button with much.

The truth is that it pairs very well with those hard to place colors – hunter green, not-quite-navy blue and even deep gray that’s almost black.

custom blazer buttons22. Benno’s Leather and Metal Combo Buttons


A leather button on the outside with a metal horse head in the center, this button is perfect for that country club jacket look you’ve been perfecting. It’s one of the best custom blazer buttons for under $10 that you’ll find anywhere, and your polo playing pals won’t know it was so cost-effective.

custom blazer buttons23. The Custom Shop Clothiers Wine Blazer Button


If the idea of a wine bottle in the center of your jacket is tacky – look for another button. If you like the idea of a gold button with an emblazoned bottle and think it’s just right for your too-stuffy navy blazer, this is the button that you need.

custom blazer buttons24. Benno’s Brown MOP Buttons


Metallic in texture but almost glass-like in appearance, this button is perfect for a tan or brown jacket and will give great texture to velvet or more rugged fabrics like corduroy. It’s also an incredibly inexpensive button for how nice it looks on a blazer.

custom blazer buttons25. Benson & Clegg Flying Duck Button


Even if you don’t hunt or go to a hunting lodge, this flying duck button from Benson & Clegg is the perfect adornment to your custom blazer. The gold color is perfect for a navy blazer, but you can easily pair this with camel, rich green or tan if you want a statement button.

custom blazer buttons26. The Custom Shop Clothiers American Eagle Blue Enamel Blazer Button


It might seem a bit garish, but this American eagle button in blue enamel with gold trim is a wonderful finish to a jacket that has a lot of personality – or one that really needs it.

The blue enamel really pops, so it pairs best with a more subdued navy or gray jacket.

custom blazer buttons27. M&J Trimming Enamel Skull Button


If your blazer needs a bit of attitude, you can get it with this enamel skull button in gold and black. Reminiscent of some of the uber-expensive Alexander McQueen products, this button will add a lot of personality to a black or tan blazer.

custom blazer buttons28. Benno’s Crossed Pistols Metal Button


Benno’s is practically giving these buttons away, selling them for less than a dollar each. Lucky for you, they’re the perfect silver button to give a basic blazer a little bit of danger. Use these buttons on a black, white or navy jacket with ease.

custom blazer buttons29. Mood Fabrics 44L/28mm Tortoise Gold Glass Button


Elegant, refined and sophisticated are the first words that will come to mind when somebody sees this button on a jacket. Why? It’s timeless, colorful and downright beautiful.

It’s the perfect custom blazer button for a navy jacket, but you can put it on camel, taupe, khaki, tan or green too.

custom blazer buttons30. M&J Trimming Fashion Blazer Button


Done in glossy black with just gold edging, this is an understated piece that will go well with a black jacket or a deep green one. It’s really one of the best custom blazer buttons you can find if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg.

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