As expected, fashion-forward men are turning their heads toward the elegance and sophistication of the Italian luxury brand Canali yet again.

For over 80 years, the artisanal, family-run company has been crafting the most exquisite, tailor-made suits. Each one combines the finesse of fashion with the culture and historic style of Italian handicrafts.

Their sartorial masterpieces are made for men who seek aesthetic perfection. Here is what you can expect from the Canali Suits Fall/Winter 2016 collection:

Classic Comfort

Exude confidence in these suits.

Any modern-day gentleman will love the patterns and palettes of Canali—earthy tones such as subtle shades of gray, combined with stark blues, blacks, warm reds and burgundy to welcome in the fall season.

There is a subtle nod to the classic menswear style with fabrics that focus on performance, yet provide enough contrast and texture to stand out. The colors blacks, browns and blues are quite versatile; pair them with your favorite pieces to make an ordinary day memorable.

Technical materials mean the colors don’t easily fade or wear out. If you’re always on the go and need both comfort and impeccable style, Canali is for you.

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Transitional Outerwear

Need a perfect-fitting jacket to take you from the crisp fall weather to cooler winter temperatures? This Canali suit blends both style and practicality for the man who is often travelling. It is versatile and goes with almost any other ensemble for a truly elegant, sophisticated outer coat.

Its extra padding gives a slightly more sculptured look, while its gray quilted style has a neutral tone to be worn with most other color choices.

The Blue Business Code

Show off your elegance in a subtle way with the contemporary blue palette of these suits. Their dark, navy colors are eye catching, making this season’s collection a head-turner. Three-piece suits should be in every modern man’s wardrobe, and Canali undoubtedly does elegance best.

At Ease in the Double-Breasted Coat

Outerwear classics include the double-breasted coat, which is suitable for both casual and formal occasions. Choose from dark or bright blue hues, pockets with flaps and constructed details.

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Luxurious Transition

When the weather changes, your style still stays on point with Canali. This car coat is refined and comfortable. You don’t need to sacrifice comfort when the gloomy clouds of winter break. Keep calm and cool with subtle tones and iridescent light.

Wool Weather

Elegance meets comfort and cozy quilts such as in this vest which can top off any suit with ease. It is a polished, refined look to keep you warm through the chilly days. Quilts are seen in the Canali collection, and the suits come with impossibly soft, hypoallergenic pads for days when you need a touch of extra warmth.

And for the luxury? Canali suits have leather inserts for the material man who knows comfort when he sees it.

Cashmere Cool and Classic Kei

Whether harsh, unpredictable, or just calm weather, you never know what winter may bring. Best to be prepared with these cashmere and silk combos. The classic Kei structured jacket keeps you warm all throughout, while the silken look adds both elegance and an air of finesse.

You may choose to pair your suit jacket with contrast pants, such as these ones perfect for leisure and with subtle embellishments.

Elegance is Not an Illusion

We go with the classic black and white overcoat for optical elegance. It’s a perfect mix of masculine strength and flowing contemporary styles. The oversized pockets make it a standout piece and up the style factor on this distinctive ensemble.

You may need just one piece for your on-the-go wardrobe, but two or more certainly won’t hurt. Have fun with your travel essentials by mixing and matching your everyday office looks. The Canali wardrobe has Kei jackets for a laid-back silhouette look, combined with personal character.

Play with both light and dark hues while you plan your pieces. The tones of grayscale come in all shades, so that both the fall and winter ensembles remain refined yet seamlessly change and transition from one season to the next.

However, that doesn’t mean that Canali suits are predictable. No one knows better than Italians how to spruce up an old classic, choosing perfect accessories and pairing elegantly for a modern mix. Try chromatic contrasts and choose luxury for the tiniest of details.

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The Tailor-Made Man

The best thing about the range of Canali suits is that each can be tailor-made to suit your every need.

That means that you can go from casual, daily occasions to formal evening wear in just a few seconds with the right mix. For example, the classic tux gives a surprise when paired with this patterned shawl collar. It is a tiny detail that makes a world of difference.

No matter your personality, the Canali collection is able to suit the mood to your favor, while using the season’s best looks and colors to add just the right amount of elegance and distinction.

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