buy custom suitIf you’re like most men, you’ve always purchased your suits right off-the-rack. Perhaps you have even been lucky enough to get a pretty good fit from a suit that was made before you even arrived, or maybe you’ve relied on the services of an in-store tailor to help make an off-the-rack suit look a bit better.

However when average is no longer good enough and you’re ready to step up to something better than the department store suits you’ve lived in your whole life, it’s time to buy a custom suit in Bergen County.

If you’ve never had a custom suit before, you don’t know what you’re missing, and the advantages and benefits you get when you buy a custom suit in Bergen County might surprise you.

Buying a custom suit isn’t as complicated as you might think, either. In fact, going custom can take a lot of the guesswork out of looking sharp and being ready to dress for any situation.

Where Do I Get a Custom Suit?

When you realize it’s time to stop purchasing suits off-the-rack and instead buy a custom suit in Bergen County, you may not know exactly where to look. After all, department stores, even ones that sell quality off-the-racks suits, don’t really do custom work. Big chain stores like Men’s Warehouse that have national ads don’t specialize in custom suiting either.

The answer to where to buy a custom suit in Bergen County is actually relatively simple – at a small shop that specializes in high-quality menswear and makes custom suits every day of the week.

buy custom suit

Why Choose a Smaller Shop?

Some men think that department stores and big name stores do a better job with clothes because of the sheer fact that they do a large volume. Unfortunately when it comes to custom suiting or even decent tailoring that volume can actually be a hindrance to good work.

When you choose a smaller shop, you can develop a relationship with a tailor since they will take the time to sit down with you and discuss what it is you want from a suit in detail. The fact that smaller shops also prepare fewer garments than big name stores actually works in your favor too since the attention to detail is considerably higher. Just make sure the shop that you choose specializes in actual custom clothing, not just tailoring pre-made garments.

Buying from a smaller specialized store can also make the shopping experience much more enjoyable since you can actually book an appointment with your tailor instead of fighting the crowds in a department store.

Do You Know Your Style?

Once you’re ready to buy a custom suit in Bergen County it’s time to start thinking about what style you want. If you’re like a lot of men, the question of what suit style you want might leave you scratching your head. After all, aren’t all suits pretty much the same, other than their color and whether or not they’re single or double-breasted?

The short answer is no, suits are not all the same. But if you’ve been shopping in department stores you’ve probably only been seeing the same styles for years. The truth is that suits come in a variety of styles and they are not all appropriate for every man.

When it comes to suit style, there’s a lot of lingo that you may not know. For example, do you know the difference between a more fitted Saville-Row style-suit and a traditional Italian cut?

Fortunately when you work with a Bergen County tailor to buy custom suits, you don’t need to know every bit of the lingo. Doing a bit of research on your own – whether that means looking in the latest fashion magazines and clipping photos or pulling resources off the internet – can be helpful, but a high-quality custom shop will be able to help you find the perfect cut even if you don’t know what to call the exact style you’re looking for.

buy custom suit

What’s Your Suit For?

Deciding on a suit style isn’t just about what you like – it’s also about what you’re going to be using the suit for. Remember, buying a suit for work may be different than buying a suit for a wedding or for going out to dinner.

For example, narrow lapels and slimmer fitting suits similar to ones that were popular in the 1950s and 1960s have made a huge recurrence in the last few years. While they can be entirely appropriate for the office, a suit that’s too slim in the body or leg could feel out of place in a corporate environment or on Wall Street. However, a suit that’s more suited to a corporate environment may not be fashion-forward enough in a creative industry.

Talk to your tailor and explain your needs as well as any industry specific information. Your tailor will be able to recommend a suit style and cut that’s appropriate for your life and that will still fit your personal taste.

When Will You Wear Your Suit?

A solid wool suit is great for winter wear, especially in a dark color. Every man should have a charcoal, black or navy suit that’s made of high-quality wool for wear in the cooler part of the year. But what about the summer months? That heavy wool suit isn’t going to feel so good when it is 95 degrees and the humidity level makes you feel like you’re in a sauna every time you walk outside.

That’s why it’s important to vary your suits based on more than just color. Let your tailor know what’s important to you and what season you’re buying your suit for. If you don’t already have a lot of suits in your closet, your tailor can help you pick a material that’s more appropriate for year-round wear, even if you can’t wear the jacket when it’s 100 degrees.

buy custom suit

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

There are a lot of details that come into play when a custom suit is being prepared for you. Everything from the width of the lapel to the length of the break or whether or not your suit pants should have cuffs. Even issues like which buttons should be put on your suit will need to be discussed.

Talking to your tailor about your lifestyle and needs for the suit will be helpful, but you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions when you need to. If you’re having your first custom suit made, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking this simple question: How does it fit?

Your tailor will be able to help you with basic things like the break in your pants or suggesting which buttons could look best with your chosen fabric. After all, your tailor has years of experience and they can make quality recommendations specifically for you.

buy custom suit

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