Brioni suit costMen that wear suits on a regular basis and follow the fashion industry are likely already familiar with the name Brioni. That’s because they’re synonymous with world-class quality and unrivaled luxury.

In many ways, Brioni sits at the top of the men’s suit food chain and if you wanted to make an argument that Brioni suits are the best in the world, it would be hard for anyone to prove you wrong or even argue otherwise.

However, if you want the best quality suits in the world, you know you’re going to have to pay a pretty penny for them. That doesn’t mean that Brioni suits cost more than they’re worth.

Keep reading to learn more about Brioni suits and why you should consider adding one to your wardrobe, as well as what actual Brioni suits cost in the real world.

What is Brioni?

Brioni is a high-end suit maker from Italy. Founded in 1945, Brioni has been making some of the best suits in the world since they began, which is why they’ve garnered the reputation they have today.

Simply put, Brioni has a legacy and a history of making some of the finest suits anywhere, which is why many claim they’re the absolute best a man can get.

The real claim to fame that Brioni has, other than their long lineage, is that all of the suits they produce are made by hand, by skilled craftsmen and tailors who know how to construct a suit better than almost anyone in the world. They also use some of the finest materials that can be found on earth, setting the brand apart from all of the others.

Off the Rack Suits

Many of the Brioni suits that you see on men around town are likely those that have come right off the rack of a fine menswear store. While you might not think that a company with such high-quality suits would make off the rack items, they actually do quite a bit of business this way.

When it comes to buying off the rack, Brioni suits cost about $5,500 and up. If you’re looking for a particularly unique suit, or one made of a unique fabric, you could be looking at a total suit cost of over $6,000.

Obviously, that’s a little bit more than your average suit.

Need Tailoring?

In general, Brioni suits that you buy off the rack are going to need a little bit of tailoring. After all, why in the world would you spend over $5,000 on a suit that doesn’t give you the perfect fit? Even with some of the best suits in the world, that’s just not possible off the rack because every man’s body is a little different.

However, most Brioni suits cost enough that a quality menswear shop will throw in the tailoring on your suit to help you achieve the perfect fit.

Brioni suit cost

What About Custom Suits?

Brioni suits cost a pretty penny off the rack and the quality really can’t be beat. You can still go ahead and order a custom Brioni suit in a material of your choice or with special features, like unique pockets or that perfect cut you prefer as well.

When you’re looking at buying custom Brioni suits, you’re definitely going to be paying more than the off the rack price. For most suits, you’re likely looking at a minimum of about $6,500 and up. If you really want that custom suit though, and nothing off the rack will do, you can’t beat a custom Brioni suit.

The Perfect Sport Jacket

Men that don’t need to wear a suit for work every single day and don’t want to drop over $5,000 on an entire suit may have another option for owning a Brioni – the sport jacket.

Brioni is best known for their full suits, but they do make a variety of different sport jackets that you can wear with a pair of nice slacks or even designer jeans when you want a more casual look. If you don’t typically wear a suit, a world class sport jacket may be all that you really need.

Most Brioni sport jackets start around $3,600. That might seem like a whole lot of money, but when you consider the fact that you’ll get a lifetime of use out of one jacket, the price really isn’t so bad at all.

It’s also hard to put a price on the best sport jacket in the world.

Brioni suit cost

Why Buy Brioni?

A lot of men are going to wonder whether pulling the trigger on a Brioni suit is really worth it or not. Considering that Brioni suits cost a minimum of about $5,500, it can seem like a sizeable investment in a man’s wardrobe. After all, you could buy a used car for that!

The truth is that men who need to look their best for work and in their personal lives, men who work hard each and every day, deserve a high-quality suit in their wardrobe that they can pull out when they need it. A lot of men think of their Brioni as their power suit.

When you buy a Brioni suit, you’re also making an investment in your wardrobe. You’re not buying an average suit that you’re going to wear for a few years and then give away to your cousin or the thrift store down the street. You’re buying a suit that will last you a lifetime, even if you have to let it out or take it in as you age.

Brioni suits will always be fashionable and they’re going to stand the test of time. If you want the best suit in the world – if you deserve it or need it to get to that next place in your life or career – you can’t do better than a Brioni, no matter how much Brioni suits cost.

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