Brioni is a name that you’ve probably heard before if you’ve ever been in the market for high quality men’s clothing. In fact, if you’ve even walked through a high-end men’s store or department store, you’ve probably seen a Brioni jacket or suit at least once in your lifetime.

Brioni men’s suits are some of the best that you can buy, and while the company continues to grow in popularity, the suits they produce really are for a pretty exclusive group of men who want to look their absolute best. While Brioni men’s suits aren’t for everyone, there isn’t a guy on the planet who couldn’t improve his wardrobe by adding one to his closet.

Keep reading to learn more about Brioni men’s suits and why you should consider buying one if you’re looking to add to your wardrobe.

The History of Brioni Suits

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Brioni was founded in Rome, Italy in 1945 by tailor Nazareno Fonticoli and entrepreneur Gaetano Savini. That year, they opened their flagship shop and, to this day, it is still in the same place at Via Barberini 79.

While the Brioni name was popular with discerning men who could recognize a quality suit right away, Brioni really become prominent in 1952 when they staged the world’s first men’s fashion show. Before Brioni in 1952, only women’s clothing makers were staging fashion shows for the general public.

As the company continued to grow, so did their reach around the world. By the 1950s and 60s, men around the globe were wearing Brioni suits. They even spearheaded a ready-to-wear couture program of their own before most manufacturers of high-quality garments started doing the same.

Brioni may be known for their sartorial prowess due to those early men’s fashion shows and trunk shows, but they also have a strong commitment to quality. That’s why they founded their own tailoring school in 1985 and continue to make some of the best men’s suits in the world to this day.

Unrivaled Quality

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Brioni men’s suits have always been considered high quality, and if you ask a tailor or man that is knowledgeable about men’s fashion, you could very well hear the Brioni name in conversation. When discussing who the best suit maker in the world is, it’s a common answer among fashion savvy men to mention Brioni because of their commitment to style and quality.

From using some of the finest fabrics in the world to making sure that every single garment is perfect before a customer ever sees it, Brioni doesn’t make garments that are second-rate. In fact, every single Brioni suit is handmade by skilled tailors who check and recheck their work to make sure only the best suits get the Brioni tag stitched into the jacket pocket.

Get Brioni Style

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When a lot of men think of Brioni, they think of the traditional Italian fit. While you can certainly still get that from Brioni men’s suits, you can get pretty much any style you want from the Brioni brand these days.

Since Brioni is committed to staying current in the fashion world, you’ll find everything from slim-fit suits that look modern and young to suits that are much fuller in the body and traditional looking. Simply put, there’s something for every man and every style in the Brioni line.

Brioni men’s suits can also be custom made for you so you can get exactly what you want, from the best materials in the world to exclusive details and appointments you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

How do Brioni suits fit?

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Brioni suits are designed to fit better than other brands, because as any man knows, the fit of the suit is what sets apart the great from the good. Without the appropriate fit, you’re never going to truly look your best.

Most of the modern Brioni suits that you see are going to be a bit slimmer than the traditional cut, but not quite as slim as some of the other high-end makers out there, such as John Varvatos or Tom Ford. Instead, what you’ll get from Brioni men’s suits is a classic cut that’s never really going to go out of style, no matter how the trends change.

That’s one of the big reasons men love Brioni suits. Fashions change, but a timeless, well-crafted suit is never going to go out of style.


Brioni men’s suits are known for the uncompromising quality and unrivaled style, so it may not surprise you that they aren’t the cheapest on the market. Most Brioni suits start around $3,500 if you’re buying off the rack and can easily go above the $5,000 if you’re looking for a custom suit.

However, Brioni men’s suits are so well-built and stylish that you can be sure you’ll be keeping yours for years to come. Brioni men’s suits aren’t a status symbol or a piece of flashy piece of jewelry, they are a fashion investment.

Brioni men’s suits are an investment in quality that you’ll be able to wear year-in and year-out for pretty much the rest of your life. There aren’t many other suits out there that you can say that about.

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