When you get a wedding invitation in the mail, chances are the first thing you think about is trying to find something to wear.

Even if you’re a stylish man, there’s just something about a wedding invitation that seems to strike fear in the heart of every single guy out there.

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However, you shouldn’t be afraid of getting dressed up for a wedding. Whether you have five suits in your closet or you haven’t put on a suit in five years, the best wedding suits for men can be ultra-stylish. In fact, the days of thinking of a suit as a monkey suit or attire only for Wall Street fat-cats are long gone.

Today, you see suits in fashion magazines, and the best wedding suits for men follow those trends. Use our guide to help you pick the best wedding suits for men for all sorts of weddings and different types of guys.

If you buy right, you’ll also have a suit that you can wear to work or in your social life whenever you see fit.

1. Canali

Canali suits are among the best wedding suits for men because they make classically-styled suits made of only the most beautiful natural fibers. Designed in an Italian tradition that’s pretty unmistakable once you know the look, Canali suits are timeless, and you’ll be wearing yours for as long as you can fit in it.

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The styling on many Canali suits may not be super slim, which seems to be the trend, but that’s exactly what makes them perfect for men in their late 30s, 40s and 50s who want a stylish suit that doesn’t just follow the trends.

Canali suits come in colors and materials that are perfect for fancy weddings as well as those that take place in a backyard or outdoors.

2. John Varvatos

Perhaps one of the most interesting brands on this list – and one of the newest – John Varvatos makes some wonderful suits. While the line isn’t huge, almost everything you buy with a John Varvatos tag is going to meet current fashion trends, making their suits an ideal choice for men that want to look good, but aren’t sure what’s in.

John Varvatos also makes one of the best wedding suits for younger men who want a stylish and fashionable suit. In fact, John Varvatos and their slim-cut suits are perfect for younger men that want to look like they just stepped off the runway.

John Varvatos suits are ideal for formal weddings in dark colors, but their lighter suits can fit in at outdoor weddings and casual events.

3. Burberry

Everybody knows the Burberry name, and most men know they make quality clothes. Most men don’t immediately think of Burberry when thinking of the best wedding suits for men, though.

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Burberry suits tend to have a classic fit, but their look is a little bit slimmer than in years past. Burberry is perfect for men who want a suit that’s high-quality and perfect for weddings and social events.

You might even be able to pick up a Burberry linen suit that’s perfect for a beach wedding, but the line is varied enough that you can get whatever suit you need.

4. Paul Smith

Paul Smith is a designer that some men may not be familiar with if they don’t follow the world of fashion. However, Smith’s looks are pretty popular, even if they are a take on classic English suit making and clothing.

Unlike brands like Burberry and John Varvatos, Paul Smith tends to use bold patterns and unique colors. In their line, you’ll find black suits with a purple check and plaid suits that are cream and green.

If you need a suit for a less formal wedding, and you want to show off a bit of your whimsical side, you can find it through Paul Smith. Darker, more traditional Paul Smith suits would be welcome at formal weddings, though.

5. Hickey Freeman

Hickey Freeman makes a wide variety of suits, but they tend to be designed for a younger, more stylish crowd. In the Hickey Freeman line, you’ll find a fair amount of linen, so you could easily get set up for a spring or summer wedding.

Hickey Freeman also makes high-quality wool suits in dark colors that are good enough for the groom. Cuts tend to be slim, but not so slim that they’ll look dated in a few years.

6. Hugo Boss

If you’re looking for the best wedding suits for men, you really can’t do much better than Hugo Boss. From a traditional fit that’s ideal for older men to slim fit suits that guys in their 20s will love, Hugo Boss makes some of the best suits in the world.

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The Hugo Boss line is huge, so you can get everything from tropical wools to linen. That means you can get a Hugo Boss suit for a garden wedding or one that’s going to take place in the finest hotel in town.

You’ll also have a suit that will last you a lifetime, or at least as long as you can fit into it.

7. Brioni

Brioni has a reputation as one of the best suit makers for men – if not the absolute best in the world. When you buy Brioni, you’rebuying one of the highest-quality suits in the world, and one that was likely built almost exclusively by the hands of master tailors.

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Brioni suits tend to be pretty pricey, so they’re an investment in your look. If you’re getting married, you’ll look incredible in Brioni, but even if you’re just going to a wedding, you’ll have a suit you can wear for years.

Styling ranges from traditional to modern, and Brioni suits can be made to your specifications. Brioni suits are ideal for formal weddings.

8. David Donahue

Men looking for a classic fit suit, designed with top-quality materials don’t need to look further than David Donahue. Men that want a classic and fuller look will find that David Donahue makes some of the best wedding suits for men you’ll find anywhere.

These suits tend to have a more formal look, but they can be worn at almost any wedding. Stick with dark colors for formal weddings and lighter colors like silver or taupe for outdoor or casual weddings.

9. Ravazzolo

Well-known among fashionable men, Ravazzolo suits are made by hand, and no attention to detail is spared. While you’ll pay for that quality, it’s going to be hard to beat one of the best wedding suits for men anywhere.

Guys that want a more traditional look for a wedding should consider Ravazzolo. Their suits will be perfect for formal weddings.

10. Jack Victor

Made with exclusive materials, Jack Victor suits are semi-traditional in their structure. That makes them perfect for men who don’t want big baggy suits, but also aren’t interested in the super-slim suits many designers are making right now.

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Jack Victor suits are going to look best at indoor events where men are dressed up. A Jack Victor suit will also be ideal for work or those business events when you feel like you need to dress up in style.

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