If you’re a big and tall guy, you may know that shopping for a suit can be kind of tough. Some ready-to-wear stores may have a limited selection of suits available in your size, and some tailors may not have the experience working with larger men to make you look your best. You need to work with suit experts and tailors who know how to make the best suits for big guys fit perfectly.

Here are some tips to find the perfect suit and some brands to try for a classic look.

Qualities of a Great Big and Tall Suit

The best suits for big guys are not pulled off-the-rack at a department store. This is because those suits are made from a pattern that just doesn’t fit everyone. If you are a short and wide, tall and wide or even tall and thin, those suits are not going to fit right due to your unique proportions. Therefore, the best suits for big guys are actually custom tailored to your size.

Big and tall guys are not well suited to rear vents on the jacket of a suit. The vent may split, which is unbecoming. The best type of vent is usually a side vent or even no vent at all.

The different button options for a suit can be overwhelming for some guys but there are a few tricks that really work for big and tall suits. A three-button suit is helpful for super tall guys with a long torso. A two button or one button suit is perfect for larger men who want to elongate their torso.

Many larger men enjoy wearing suspenders with a suit instead of a belt. Belts can often fail at their job on certain body types, while suspenders are great at keeping anyone’s pants up properly.

The Best Suit Brands for Big and Tall Guys


Canali has been providing the world with excellent Italian suits since 1934. It is a family run company that makes everything to measure and everything is still handcrafted in Italy to this day. Many of their suits are available in sizes up to the equivalent of a US 48, in addition to their made to measure option which sees a beautiful suit handcrafted according to your specific measurements.

A beautiful option for many body types would be the Dark Grey Wool Siena Suit with Micro Checks. The dark color is flattering to larger bodies and the suit has no vent, meaning you can avoid the rear vent problem. The suit has a minimal, modern design with a micro checks design that gives the color some depth. This shows everyone around you that you’ve got some style but like to keep it simple.

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This is another Italian brand that provides nothing but extreme excellence. The company offers a selection of more than 750 different options for fabric, and each hand-made suit goes through a process of more than 150 steps to ensure perfection. Many of their suits are available up to size US 48, and they also have a made to measure option. The latter is perfect for big and tall guys as they will be able to get one of the best suits for big guys that also fits their proportions exactly.

You will feel like a vintage movie star in The Printed Yarn Suit from Corneliani. This suit has no vents and a flattering color and pattern. This is the type of design that will never go out of style and you can consider it an investment in your wardrobe for years to come.

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Brioni Suits are a standard for men’s fashion. Offering both ready-to-wear and bespoke men’s suits, you can find your perfect size. Try the classic Black Madison Suit for a look that will last ages. This gorgeous suit will be a staple in your closet forever, except for when you are wearing it, of course. Whether it is for the office or a special occasion, a Brioni suit will be sure to make a good impression on everyone, no matter your size.

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Fashion Tips for Men Who Wear Big & Tall

A suit is only one garment in your wardrobe, albeit an important one. Here are some tips to look great no matter what you’re wearing!

  1. Keeping your wardrobe to simple colors and patterns will make you look great. That doesn’t mean that color has to be exempt from your wardrobe. You can accent with a colorful tie, pocket square and other accessories, but keep the bulk of the outfit flattering and simple.
  2. The great thing is that bigger men can pull off accessories like large, luxurious watches, interesting hats and masculine jewelry to pull an outfit together.
  3. Bigger guys need to concentrate on fit, even when it comes to more casual clothing. Saggy, baggy garments may be comfortable, but that’s not a good look for anyone unless you’re lounging at home. Make sure that even your casual wardrobe fits properly to help you move through the world with confidence.

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