Best Smelling Colognes for Men This Spring

You may be wondering why you need to worry about finding the best smelling cologne for men. There is nothing worse than awful-smelling cologne and here’s the issue: it’s only bad for other people. The man wearing the cologne thinks he smells just grand, while anyone within sniffing distance is pummeled with the odiferous stench.

You may say, “Well, it smells good to me and that’s what matters!” Unfortunately, that’s only partially true. Sure, your cologne needs to smell good to you because you’ll be wearing it all day. It will be following you wherever you go, so you want it to be pleasant.

In addition to pleasing you, though, cologne is also worn to please others. You could go so far as to say that it’s almost more important to consider what other people think about your cologne than what you think about it.

Your cologne is your signature, your calling card. If it’s offensive, you’ll offend. Period. Finding out which scents top the best smelling cologne for men can help you know which fragrances will make you the talk of the office, in the best way possible.

Following is a small list of some of the best smelling cologne for men. You can use it as a starting point and go from there.

best smelling colognes for menAcqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani


Purchase At: Giorgio Armani

Nearly 20 years ago, Acqua di Gio spritzed onto the scene and the men’s fragrance world has been under its charm ever since. This classic scent starts off with a burst of green tangerine, neroli and calabrian bergamot.

Just when you’re pulled in and you think that it can’t get any better, you’re hit by an intoxicating mix of jasmine, patchouli, rose, rosemary and persimmon, resulting in an essence that’s confidently masculine without being overwhelming.

If you’re looking for a beautiful scent that tops nearly every best smelling cologne for men list, this is it.

best smelling cologne for menGucci by Gucci Pour Homme


Purchase At: Sephora

This is a recent addition to the land of exciting scents for the modern man. Marine-like notes and woodsy cypress start off this contemporary scent.

Add in hints of bergamot and violet floral notes and you get the subtle warmth that makes this scent so alluring. Rich amber, cedar and patchouli notes linger at the finish, leaving those around you captivated and bewitched.

best smelling colognes for menF by Ferragamo Pour Homme Black


Purchase at: Sal Lauretta for Men

F by Ferragamo Pour Home Black is a scent that’s rich with amber wood, lavender and crisp apple, making it a unique scent among woody competitors.

While it’s certainly rich and masculine, the notes of black pepper and coriander really spice it up and bring it into the 21st century. This is perhaps the best smelling cologne for men that want something classic.

best smelling cologne for menPour Monsieur by Chanel


Purchase At: Chanel

While we’re on the subject of classics, Pour Monsieur by Chanel is a perennial favorite that’s been around since 1955 and shows no signs of slowing down.

This best smelling cologne for men was created by Henri Robert, Chanel’s second in-house perfumer. Although Pour Monsieur has gone through several name changes in the past 60 years, the original recipe has remained the same.

The long-lasting, refined bouquet opens with a burst of citrusy freshness that eases back into luscious notes of lemon, verbena and orange before ending on spicy and woodsy powerful hits of cardamom, ginger, basil and coriander. Pour Monsieur is a very elegant scent favored by power brokers who enjoy the classics.

best smelling cologne for menMont Blanc Legend


Purchase At: Nordstrom

Mont Blanc Legend was introduced to the world by perfumer Olivier Pescheux in 2011. The stark black, slightly rounded bottle with the chrome top is sleek and elegant, a major hint of things to come.

This wonderfully masculine scent has citrusy and floral notes of lavender, verbena, pineapple leaf and bergamot mixing with hints of geranium, oak moss, roses and apples.

The woodsy evernyl, sandalwood and tonka closing notes wrap the whole thing up in a sexy, intoxicating bow. The fragrance is modern enough for a hip, contemporary artist, yet powerful enough for a corporate CEO.

best smelling cologne for menDries Van Noten par Frederic Malle


Purchase At: Barneys

Frederic Malle was tasked with creating a scent that would be give the feeling of intense warmth and comfort that descends over you when you sip hot sweet tea in an effort to seek refuge from the bone-chilling cold of a Flanders, Belgium winter.

The resulting fragrance is a deliciously intoxicating aroma that is a sinful yet beautiful, masculine blend of sandalwood, vanilla and jasmine.

You’d think that the scent would be overpowering, but you’d be wrong. The scent is actually subtle, but it has staying power. It will stay with you all day like a sweet memory. It’s pricey, but it’s worth every penny.

Dolce & Gabbana “Light Blue”


Purchase at: Sal Lauretta for Men

Dolce & Gabbana make fine menswear and cologne, but Light Blue stands out just a little bit from the rest of the line. While it’s got plenty of citrus in the nose, it’s also one of the muskier scents you’ll find in their line.

What’s so great about the combination of musk and citrus is that it creates perfectly balanced cologne that’s ideal for day or night wear.

best smelling cologne for menL’Homme Yves Saint Laurent


Purchase At: Sephora

When it comes to the best smelling cologne for men, there are some scents that just hit it out of the park for practically everyone who tries them. L’Homme Yves Saint Laurent is one of those scents.

It’s one of the most popular men’s colognes in the world for good reason. It’s a reliable, masculine cologne that is as at home on a first date as it is on an interview.

Introduced to the world in 2006, it has a delicious, woodsy aroma that’s topped off with plenty of spices like pepper, basil and violet leaf alongside hints of floral, making people around you wish they could smell you even more if that wouldn’t be downright weird.

best smelling cologne for menComme des Garcons Wonderwood


Purchase At: Barneys

Sometimes you just want a woodsy scent that’s full of deep, rich tones without being overpowering. You’ll find that with Comme des Garcons Wonderwood.

Introduced in 2010, this scent is the definition of masculinity and manliness.

It’s a fantastic blend of earthy elements like sandalwood, cedar, cypress, Guaiac wood and agarwood. Notes of patchouli, pepper and nutmeg tie all the scents together, resulting in a fragrance that is deliciously rugged.

best smelling cologne for menAcqua di Parma Colonia Eau de Cologne


Purchase At: Nordstrom

This scent is perfect for men with modern sensibilities who want to indulge in the classic scents of the past.

It opens with a citrusy burst of power that is followed up by delicious rosemary, jasmine, musk and amber notes that give the scent a rugged finish.

best smelling cologne for menGuerlain L’Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme


Purchase At: Neiman Marcus

This scent was created in 2004 as the masculine counterpart to L’Instant de Guerlain for Women. A combination of citrus, spicy and floral notes like anise and jasmine start off the scent.

Woodsy notes of sandalwood, cedar and patchouli mixed with deep rich cocoa tones round it out, creating a scent that is at once modern and classic.

best smelling colognes for menLacoste Eau de Toilette, Black


Purchase At: Sal Lauretta for Men

This new scent was created in 2013, and it’s the perfect fit for the man looking for a cologne that is powerful, sexy and fresh.

Refreshing watermelon notes are what you’ll smell first before the fragrance settles into rich, warm and spicy notes of chocolate, verbena and patchouli. This cologne would be perfect for day or night.

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