When most men think of fine suits, they immediately picture bespoke suits made by a master tailor with 50 years of work behind him and an Italian lineage dating all the way back to the very first suit makers. The fact is, you can get some excellent suits by buying right off the rack – at least in some cases.

You’ll still need a skilled tailor to put the finishing touches on your suit, but if you buy the best off the rack brands, a lot of the work will already be done for you. You may not get the details of bespoke, but if you’ve got a closet full of suits, you need some variation anyway.

Use our list of the 10 best off the rack suits you’ll find the next time you go shopping.

1. Canali

Canali suits, like the suits of many men’s dreams, are actually crafted in Italy. Made with a fully canvased unfused structuring utilizing natural fibers, Canali suits are built to be worn for years and years to come.

In terms of style, Canali tends to be a bit more traditional than some brands, though younger men who want a slimmer suit can get one through the brand. Buy Canali if you’re looking for a suit for work or to wear to events like wedding and more formal dinners.

2. Brioni

If you know anything about the companies that make suits, you probably know Brioni is one of the top names in the world. They’ve made suits for James Bond, and while his versions were tailor-made, they make some of the best off the rack suits around.

Brioni offers a wide range of suits, so you can find everything from that perfect power suit for your board meeting to the luxurious and ultra-stylish suit you’re going to wear out for a night on the town when date night comes.

3. Coppley

Born in Canada in 1883, Coppley is a brand that is synonymous with quality. Unlike some suits though, a Coppley probably won’t break the bank.

In general, Coppley styles tend to be understated and refined, making them perfect for wearing to work on a regular basis.

4. John Varvatos

John Varvatos tends to use rock stars in ads, mostly because the brand’s suits aren’t your run of the mill pieces. While they might be okay for work if you’re in the fashion sector or you’re in a rock band, they might be just a touch slim for guys on Wall Street.

Still, the quality of John Varvatos suits is hard to beat, making theirs some of the best off the rack suits you’ll find anywhere. They’re particularly good for young guys looking to up their style quotient.

5. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a little bit like the old mainstay in men’s fashion at this point. With so many different looks, you can find everything from a slim fit suit better suited to a rock and roll club than a bank line, to suits that will make you look like the CEO of your company.

Shop Hugo Boss when you’re looking for a suit with basic styling in a slim or traditional cut.

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6. David Donahue

David Donahue suits are affordable and stylish, making them perfect for the guy that’s right out of college trying to fill up his wardrobe. While they won’t break the bank, they aren’t cheaply made, either.

Look for David Donahue suits if you’re shopping for something basic that’s going to get a lot of use in your regular rotation.

7. Hickey Freeman

Hickey Freeman is a major representative when it comes to new American suiting. Using materials like seersucker, poplin and tropical wool, Hickey Freeman makes suits that are traditional in color with a more up-to-date slim cut than most.

The brand is also well-known for their more outrageous pieces, like canary yellow and baby blue suits that are actually quite beautiful and some of their best off the rack suits. Buy Hickey Freeman if you’re looking for a suit that’s a bit more playful and you prefer a youthful and stylish slim cut.

8. Ted Baker

Ted Baker is one of the most modern suit makers out there, working with very tailored fits and a variety of high-quality suit separates that are perfect for today’s man. Often using unique but understated patterns like light checks or microdots, Ted Baker somehow makes pieces that are refined yet ultra-fashionable and very much of the now.

Shop Ted Baker if you’re looking for a slim fit suit that is modern while retaining a timeless quality. Ted Baker also makes some of the best off the rack suits for younger men who want to buy more expensive pieces without moving to brands like Brioni.

9. Zegna

Zegna is certainly a traditional sounding Italian name, but the brand really focuses on modern looks that are dark, refined and ultra-slim. This brand is great for bold younger men with creative jobs and guys that want a killer suit for painting the town any color they choose.

10. Burberry

Burberry occupies that are between fine suits and ultra-high end suits like nobody else. Making suits that are perfect for work or for a night out on the town by walking the line between traditional and modern, Burberry is a solid choice for almost any man, if he doesn’t mind paying for the name.

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