Coming up with gift ideas for men in your life can seem like a monumental task in some cases, especially when some guys seem to have everything they could want or need. However, that doesn’t mean you should just settle on a gift card.

Instead, look for gifts that really mean something to the man you’re buying for and will really add value to his life. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to do that, either.

Use this gift guide to help you find the best gift ideas for men under $100. You can find something for every man in your life, from a boss to a friend to a husband.

gift ideas for men1. Bellroy Leather Slim Sleeve Wallet


Purchase at: Amazon

Standard, bulky wallets are a thing of the past. If the man you’re buying for seems to still be using the first wallet he ever bought, replace it with the Bellroy Men’s Leather Slim Sleeve Wallet. The ‘Blue Steel’ color is pretty timeless and a great option for pretty much every man.

gift ideas for men2. Ted Baker London ‘Rookley’ Socks


Purchase at: Nordstrom

Socks are a classic holiday gift for men, but that pack of crew socks isn’t so exciting for most men –  it wasn’t exciting when grandma sent it in the mail when he was 10. Instead, opt for something a bit more luxurious that he may not splurge on, like this gift set from Ted Baker.

gift ideas for men3. Whiskey Wedge


Purchase at: Corkcicle

Scotch rocks are old news, but the Whiskey Wedge by Corkcicle is a great gift for men in 2014. Instead of the ice cube shape, this freezer-safe silicone wedge can cool down and then go in your glass without melting for hours. It’s perfect for the rocks-loving Scotch drinker in your life.

gift ideas for men4. Stayclip Collar Stays


Purchase at: Stayclips

Sometimes the best gift ideas for men are the ones that are just downright useful. If the guy you’re buying for wears a lot of collared shirts, chances are he has used or tries to use collar stays. Unfortunately, they’re pretty hard to keep track of. With these collar stays that come on a clip, he’ll always know where to find a pair, even if he does lose some from time to time.

gift ideas for men5. Silicone Doppel Bag


Purchase at: Wurkin Stiffs

One of the best gift ideas for men who travel a lot, the Silicone Doppel Bag is a spill-proof overnight bag that’s durable and fashion friendly. Any man that boards a plane more than a few times a year will love this, especially when he arrives at his destination without shampoo or shaving cream all over his clothes.

gift ideas for men6. Bulldog Skincare Set


Purchase at: Bulldog Skincare For Men

Most guys don’t care for their skin the way they should. With the ‘Full Kit and Caboodle’ Set from Bulldog, he’ll realize what he’s been missing all these years. You get six products with this set, so it’s one of the best gift ideas for men practically starting from zero when it comes to skincare.

gift ideas for men7. Hugo Boss Reversible Leather Belt


Purchase at: Nordstrom

A good belt is one of the best gifts for men you can buy. Most guys have some, but a lot of men tend to wear theirs too much, making their wardrobe look stale. This reversible option goes from black to brown with a classic yet modern silver buckle.

gift ideas for men8. Timex Ameritus Watch


Purchase at: Amazon

A watch might not seem like one of the best gifts for men because most guys already have some. However, a big problem for most guys is that all they have is fancy watches they wear to work, not to do yard work in. The Timex Ameritus is the watch you can wear anywhere, and at only $75.96, it won’t be the end of the world if it gets a ding or two.

gift ideas for men9. Olive and Cocoa Leather Tire Gauge


Purchase at: Olive & Cocoa

For the man that loves his car, one of the best gift ideas for men for 2014 is the Olive & Cocoa leather tire gauge. It’s small enough to fit in his trunk, but accurate enough to actually rely on in the garage.


gift ideas for men10. Meat: Everything You Need to Know Cookbook


Purchase at: Amazon

A meat-based cookbook might seem like a cliché, but if the man in your life loves to grill he’s going to adore this book. It’s a go-to guide for everything meat, making it one of the best gifts for men that love to get outdoors and grill up something juicy.

gift ideas for men11. Johnnie Walker Gold Limited Edition


Purchase at: BevMo

Johnnie Walker is a brand most men are familiar with, but a lot of guys never go past the Black or Green Label. For the man that loves his scotch, a bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold Limited Edition is a wonderful addition to his liquor cabinet. It’s got all the JW flavor he’s familiar with, but it’s a special blend that’s truly luxurious.

gift ideas for men12. Bodum Columbia French Press


Purchase at: Crate & Barrel

If the man in your life isn’t into scotch but loves a good cup of java, the Bodum Columbia French press could be right up his alley. With a sleek stainless steel outside and double thermal walls, this coffee maker keeps coffee hot for hours – in style. It’s one of the best holiday gifts for men under $100 you’ll find anywhere.

gift ideas for men13. Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300


Purchase at: Amazon

Here’s a secret for every woman out there: guys don’t like buying stuff like beard trimmers. It’s a sea of options out there and it’s a chore that just isn’t fun. That’s why a lot of guys will hang on to outdated, underpowered trimmers too long. Fix that for him by giving him the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300.

gift ideas for men14. Smythson “Bright Ideas” Notebook


Purchase at: Neiman Marcus

Smythson makes the best notebooks in the world, so if the guy you’re buying for is always taking notes or jotting things down, this is one of the best gift ideas for men you can get. Yes, it’s a pricey notebook, but he’ll love the quality without question.

gift ideas for men15. Polo Ralph Lauren Fleece Shawl Collar Robe


Purchase at: Macy’s

Robes make the best gift ideas for men list every year because guys just don’t splurge on things like this in many cases. This simple yet luxurious robe from Polo Ralph Lauren is so comfortable he’s not going to want to take it off to get dressed. It will also be the first thing he slips on when he gets home after a long day.

gift ideas for men16. Herschel Supply Co. Strand Satchel


Purchase at: Amazon

Guys on the go need a durable bag, and this one from Herschel Supply Co. fits the bill. It’s one of the best gift ideas for men that like quality in a streamlined package.

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