What makes a great Christmas gift for a special fellow? Whether you’re celebrating the love you share with your significant other or you’re sucking up to your boss, an outstanding present is eye-catching. It’s something the recipient can use often. It’s at least somewhat unexpected. And, of course, it falls within your budget.

With the 2017 holiday season in full swing, here are 50 men’s fashion gift ideas for your next trip to the mall or online shopping session. Some of them are large; others are small. Some are pricey; others are very affordable. All are worthy of the guys on your nice list.

1. Three Months of Birchbox

Purchase at: Birchbox

Birchbox is a subscription service that sends its customers a box of first-rate grooming products every month. Each shipment contains five items for pampering hair and skin, and they’re personalized. Members simply fill out an online form to tell Birchbox what kinds of goods they’d like to get.

2. Charisma Mid Comfort Jeans from 34 Heritage

Purchase at: 34 Heritage

These high-waisted, straight-leg jeans are stylish enough for happening parties. At the same time, with their roomy thighs, they’re comfortable enough for Netflix binges.

Given the company’s insistence on quality, it’s pretty much impossible to go wrong with 34 Heritage pants.

3. Defender RFID-Blocking Leather Card Holder

Purchase at: Citizen Goods

There aren’t too many men’s fashion gift ideas that fight crime, but this is one of them.

In the old days, guys had to worry about muggers taking their wallets. These days, men should be concerned about high-tech criminals using wireless devices to steal the information on their credit card chips.

This durable mini-wallet from Citizen Goods can ease those fears. It can hold up to four cards, and it blocks the electromagnetic waves that skimmers use. The black leather is spiffy, too.

4. Bruno Magli Silas Penny Loafers

Purchase at: Nordstrom

Bruno Magli shoes have always defined comfort and style, but the brand seems to have topped itself with these loafers. Direct from Italy, they’re made of suede and lined with leather. Latex foam will cradle the feet with every step a person takes.

5. The Signature Canvas and Leather Everyday Tote

Purchase at: Will Leather Goods

Simple and old-fashioned in the most attractive ways possible, this tote bag is made of extremely strong leather, and it’s lined with cotton canvas. A man you know could take it to work every day or save it for his exotic vacations.

6. Bugatchi Tropical Socks

Purchase at: Nordstrom

These aqua socks are adorned with tiny palm trees. Better yet, their premium cotton blend provides ventilation and supplies maximum comfort; these socks really do soothe the feet.

The tropical flavor of these items may put their owner in mind of the relaxing equatorial trips he’s taken over the years. They make great conversation starters as well. However, if you feel that they’re a little too gaudy for the man you have in mind, know that Bugatchi sells socks in a great variety of colors and prints, terrific men’s fashion gift ideas all.

7. Mont Blanc Canvas Dopp Kit

Purchase at: Rockflowerpaper

Skiers need fashionable gifts as much as anyone else. Luckily, there’s this Dopp kit — basically, a bag where you can put your toiletries. It’s roomy and strong. It’s made of cotton canvas, and the pictures of skis and ski poles that cover its white surface could make your favorite ski enthusiast start daydreaming about perfect powder on the slopes.

8. Carrot & Gibbs Grosgrain Silk Bow Tie

$37.50 – $52.50
Purchase at: Saks Fifth Avenue

Wearing a Carrot & Gibbs bow tie is a little like playing a Stradivarius violin. Made of imported silk and enhanced with grosgrain, this bow tie comes in red and navy blue. Whether it’s a man’s first bow tie or the latest addition to his enormous collection, it’s guaranteed to make him look sharp and urbane.

9. Groom With Greatness

Purchase at: Kiehl’s

This Dopp kit — there’s that phrase again — comes with a variety of styling products, including a combination shampoo and conditioner, a tortoise comb and texturizing clay. The guy you give this box to might start to shimmer and shine, and his hair could be transformed into luscious locks straight out of Greek mythology. Not to mention, if the person who receives this kit hasn’t used these types of products before, he may soon wonder how he ever got along without them.

10. David Donahue Paisley Sterling Silver Cufflinks

Purchase at: Lord & Taylor

Obviously, a person’s fashion consists of many components, and some are details you’d only notice upon close observation. That’s why cufflinks represent outstanding men’s fashion gift ideas; they can enhance entire ensembles. And, when it comes to these elegant fasteners, it’s hard to top David Donahue.

These particular cufflinks combine sterling silver and enamel, and they bear a striking teardrop design. Their blue hue is arresting, and they’re made in the United States.

11. Edward Armah Reversible Paisley and Medallion Silk Pocket Circle

Purchase at: Neiman Marcus

It’s two pocket circles in one. You can wear it as a paisley pocket circle one day. The next day, you can turn it inside out, and you have a pocket circle with a medallion pattern. On top of that, this silk beauty has edges that were rolled by hand.

Edward Armah enjoys a justified reputation for top-notch products, and there may be no finer pocket circles on the market than those it makes.

12. Polo Ralph Lauren Suffield Leather Belt

Purchase at: Nordstrom

This tan belt holds up pants and looks great doing so. It’s made from premium imported leather, and the famous Ralph Lauren logo — the dude on the polo horse — is engraved into it for extra prestige.

You should find out the pants size of the guy you’ll be giving this belt to before you make this purchase. That’s because Ralph Lauren recommends that this belt be a size bigger.

13. Navy Cashmere Scarf from Eton

Purchase at: Eton

The Swedish company Eton has been pleasing consumers with its shirts and accessories since 1928. This scarf is a fine example of the company’s panache. It’s made completely of cashmere, and it’s so snug that some people may be reluctant to take it off when they step inside. It comes in various colors, too, so you can make sure that it matches your gift receiver’s favorite jacket.

14. Tommy Hilfiger Stewart Knit Jumper, Sky Captain

£150.00 ($200.58 )
Purchase at: John Lewis

Men’s fashion gift ideas don’t come any softer than this sweater. (“Jumper” is a British word for “sweater.”) Tommy Hilfiger has done it again.

This machine washable sweater is mostly navy blue, and it has a brilliant pattern across the chest as well as white lines around the collar, wrists and waist. In short, it’s 100-percent wool and 100-percent alluring. You might feel warmer just looking at it.

15. Gimo’s Tech Taffeta Jacket

Purchase at: Barneys New York

It’s made of navy tech taffeta, has faux suede elements and makes you look super cool. What more could you want?

Clearly, when you’re compiling an inventory of men’s fashion gift ideas, practicality and functionality are crucial. Well, this jacket is bursting with useful features. They include drawstrings, pockets on the chest you can zip up, a pocket on the inside you can button and cuffs you can snap shut. Thus, no matter how far someone has to travel in this coat or how blustery a day it might be, everything will stay in place, and all personal effects will be safe and secure.

16. Bluetooth Tracking Tag

Purchase at: UncommonGoods

Do you know someone who has trouble finding things? You’ll help him avoid hours of frustration with this little device. First, he’ll attach to it something he’s always losing — his car keys, for example. Then, when that pesky object goes missing again, he can whip out his trusty smartphone, look at the free app that comes with this product and find out where the misplaced item is. Or, if his phone vanishes, he can use this tag to find it. Either way, his stress level is sure to plummet.

As a bonus, this doohickey is quite fashionable. In fact, its rosewood exterior is so handsome that the person you give it to might flash it in front of others as often as possible.

17. Hook + Albert Solid Glitter Lapel Flower

Purchase at: Saks Fifth Avenue

Hook + Albert has only been in business since 2011, but it’s made such an impact on the fashion world that it seems like it’s been around for decades. It produces accessories, which are sometimes overlooked on lists of men’s fashion gift ideas. That’s a shame because an item such as this lapel flower can add a great deal of life and depth to an outfit, and it could really personalize a standard suit.

These satin flowers have mother of pearl buttons, and they’re manufactured in the United States. They’re shiny and truly seductive.

18. DCI Hidden Flask Mittens

Purchase at: Amazon

There’s nothing wrong with adding a little humor to your roster of men’s fashion gift ideas — or, for that matter, a little alcohol. This pair of black or red mittens lets you do both. It comes with a four-ounce flask, and the left mitten has a hidden slot where you can tuck it away. Thus, colleagues, relatives and friends won’t know how you stay so cheerful throughout the day.

Please drink responsibly.

19. M-Clip Stainless Steel Money Clip

Purchase at: Macy’s

The company M-Clip seems to be working hard to make wallets obsolete. Even if that never happens, this stainless steel money clip is a fine example of its eminent offerings. It has elements that have been finished by hand, a durable spring and rubber pads that are comfortable to grasp. Most important, it holds every precious bill in an unshakable grip.

20. Psycho Bunny Crewneck Sweatshirt

Purchase at: Saks Off Fifth

It’s a feast of a pullover sweatshirt with all the trimmings. Enjoy tasty stripes, delicious rib stitching around the wrists and a delectable blend of spandex, cotton and modal. You can always count on Psycho Bunny for sensational clothing, despite the less-than-appetizing name.

21. Baxter of California Beard Comb

Purchase at: Nordstrom

Don’t forget the guys on your holiday list who are blessed with facial hair. If you’re wracking your brain to come up with men’s fashion gift ideas for them, why not select this acetate beard comb, which is made by hand in Switzerland? The teeth are round, so the combing experience is as pleasant as it can be.

Baxter, which launched in 1965, has long been known for integrity and craftsmanship. Indeed, the process of making this beard comb involves 12 rigorous stages.

22. Santoni Dante Moc Toe Derby

Purchase at: Nordstrom

These distinguished leather shoes with rubber soles are crafted by hand in Italy. They epitomize the grace and eminence of the Santoni brand, which Andrea Santoni created in 1975 and Giuseppe Santoni, his son, now runs. The company replicates some of the techniques of old-world masters as it constructs shoes for today’s professionals.

23. Oliver Spencer Quilted Brushed Cotton-Blend Robe

Purchase at: Mr. Porter

Some men’s fashion gift ideas are things that never leave the house. Still, wearing something snazzy while you’re lounging around the living room can make you feel cosmopolitan.

Therefore, this cotton-blend bathrobe would make a superb present. It’s plush and snug, and its shawl collar is pure class. It’s enough to make someone start a “Wear Bathrobes to the Office Day” petition.

24. Saxx Vibe Boxer Brief

$20.77 – 31.95
Purchase at: Backcountry

Not quite boxers and not quite briefs, this mixture of undies is definitely a more intimate gift; it’s not appropriate to give to your mailman.

This pair is made of spandex and viscose. It resists moisture, and it comes in a range of colors and prints. One pattern salutes the west coasts of the United States and Canada, which is perfect if you know someone who’s a big fan of both geography and underwear.

25. Burton All Day Long Beanie

£21 ($28.08)
Purchase at: Burton

Keep stocking stuffers in mind when you’re pondering men’s fashion gift ideas. For instance, this acrylic hat from Burton, which comes in more than a dozen solid colors, is something that a guy could wear from morning to night. It’s ideal for shoveling, taking to work or even wearing in the home.

Snowboarders should especially appreciate this hat. After all, Jake Burton Carpenter, the entrepreneur who founded this company in Vermont in 1977, is a snowboarding fanatic, a man who knows what those athletes want and need.

26. Microlight Tech French Terry Shorts from The Good Man Brand

Purchase at: Neiman Marcus

Here’s something for the sportsman in your life — or for the dude who just loves sitting around in shorts. These cotton shorts extend to the knees. You can pull the waist in with a drawstring, and there’s a back pocket for extra convenience. And, to increase your holiday spirit, The Good Man Brand will give some of the money you spend on these shorts to charity.

27. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King 116900

Purchase at: Amazon

OK, it’s not the cheapest of men’s fashion gift ideas, and the name is quite a mouthful. Nevertheless, the Air-King is a king among wristwatches. It winds itself, and it’s anti-magnetic. Plus, you can descend 330 feet into water without affecting its performance.

Black with green highlights and boasting a bracelet made out of stainless steel, this watch is a timeless timepiece and a masterpiece of design.

28. Men’s New York Yankees Tokens and Icons Black Game-Used Baseball Wallet

Purchase at: MLBShop

It’s more than a wallet; it’s a piece of baseball history. This licensed product will come with a sliver of a ball that was actually used in a Yankees game. The wallet itself is imported and can hold quite a few cards.

Is your gift recipient not a Yankees fan? That’s not a problem. You can find this person a wallet that celebrates his favorite team at Major League Baseball’s online store.

29. Trafalgar Formal Glaston Silk Brace

Purchase at: Trafalgar Store

“Braces” is an upscale term for “suspenders.” Unlike some kinds of suspenders, however, braces never use metal clips to fasten to buttons.

These silk braces from Trafalgar, a maker of luxury accessories, have a smart dotted pattern and can flatter even the most formal of suits.

30. Wurkin Stiffs Silver Men’s Power Stays Clip

Purchase at: Target

Lightweight yet tough, these stainless steel clips from Wurkin Stiffs keep collars from bending and moving. They’ll ensure that a necktie stays put as well. It’s hard to look like a professional who’s totally in command if your collar and tie are flapping around.

You can use these clips again and again, by the way, and they’re easy to clean.

31. Men’s Long Sleeve Stripe Rugby Shirt

Purchase at: Land’s End

It sometimes seems like rugby players can endure anything. That’s basically true of this long-sleeved rugby shirt as well. However, despite its strength, this shirt feels soft and cuddly.

The yellow and blue stripes here are fetching, and this item is 100 percent cotton, with side vents and tennis tails for good measure.

32. Luxe Performance Sateen, The Straight in Shaded Stone

Purchase at: 7 For All Mankind

Do you know someone who’s been complaining about chafing? Maybe some of his pants are rough or scratchy on the inside. Well, that problem could inspire one of your men’s fashion gift ideas.

Specifically, 7 For All Mankind produces these soft pants, and their brushed interior material feels great on the skin. Tapered and straight-legged, these pants are also mighty good-looking.

33. B&O Beoplay H9 Noise Canceling Headphones

Purchase at: Neiman Marcus

Headphones always make cool men’s fashion gift ideas. They’re more personal and intimate than earbuds, and they can fully envelop listeners in a world of sound and music.

These headphones from B&O are about as good as they get. They’re light and tough at the same time. They have a nifty touch interface, which is handy when you’re making or receiving calls. They cancel noise in an advanced way, and the gray color and graceful design make this a classy Christmas present.

34. Bugatti Infinite Blue

Purchase at: Perfume Emporium

Its main ingredients include violet, bergamot, iris, chili pepper and cinnamon, and there are hints of white musk, myrrh and more. The result is strong and spicy, yet subtle and sophisticated. Infinite Blue has been charming and disarming the men who wear it — and the people with whom they come into contact — since 2013.

35. Cole Haan Zerogrand Strap Solid

Purchase at: 6PM.com

Even if you’re compiling your men’s fashion gift ideas when it’s freezing out, try to think ahead to warm weather days. Slides might come to mind.

For the uninitiated, slides are open-toe sandals that somewhat resemble flip-flops; you can slip them right on. These imported Cole Haan slides are superlative examples. Their rubber soles, cushioning and leather uppers make them so comfy that the guy you give them to may want to wear them year-round.

36. Carrot & Gibbs Ribbed Five-Button Vest

Purchase at: Saks Fifth Avenue

When a man puts on a vest, his suit or other outfit becomes more textured, more layered and oftentimes more impressive. This dashing dark vest from Carrot & Gibbs has a belt in the back, as well as besom pockets, which are pockets that have slits rather than flaps. It’s made of silk, and there are several buttons in the front.

37. Fine Cashmere Hoody

£90 ($120.47)
Purchase at: Bergano Greys

Here’s a product that refines the art of the hoody — or, as Americans spell it, hoodie. A mix of cotton and cashmere makes wearing this tailored sweatshirt feel like snuggling up with a litter of kittens. It’s a dapper mix of casualness and dressiness, one you can wear to all kinds of places and events. Also, its drawstrings and zipper are inconspicuous.

38. Circolo 1901 Blazer

Purchase at: Yoox

This single-breasted, light blue jacket brings to mind a cloudless sky. Mostly cotton, it has two vents in the back.

To be honest, a man probably couldn’t wear this blazer on too many occasions, as it’s so distinctive. A standard dark jacket, by contrast, doesn’t stand out so much and could be worn repeatedly. Nonetheless, when a guy does don this blazer, he’ll make a strong impression. Like a perfect summer day, the splendor of this jacket lingers.

39. Fitbit Ionic Watch

Purchase at: Nordstrom

If you’re seeking multifunctional men’s fashion gift ideas, look no further than the Fitbit Ionic Watch. Here’s a watch with a touchscreen that can be a personal trainer, a personal assistant and maybe even a best friend.

Among its many features are a GPS system, an alarm and a heart monitor. It can store apps and hundreds of songs. You can use it to pay for things. Believe it or not, it also tells the time.

40. Culturata Floral-Print Cuban Shirt

Purchase at: Neiman Marcus

Bring the allure of Havana to a special guy’s closet. Here’s a snappy short-sleeved cotton shirt with side slits and a spread collar. Its floral pattern is lovely but not overly noticeable.

All in all, this shirt is exactly the kind of high-quality and versatile product that the Italian apparel company Culturata is known for.

41. Set of 3 White Cotton Handkerchiefs From Dion Neckwear

Purchase at: Cufflinks

If you have no clue what to get a certain man, consider getting him some handkerchiefs. Just about everyone can use them, especially allergy sufferers and guys who pretend that they’re allergy sufferers during sad movies. And, when a white handkerchief is sticking out of the breast pocket of a suit jacket, it adds elan and flair.

These crisp handkerchiefs are 100 percent cotton.

42. DolcePunta Floral Medallion Silk Necktie

Purchase at: Barneys New York

Craftspeople in Italy make these neckties by hand out of silk twill. This tie’s unique floral pattern on a navy blue background is just short of hypnotic. Sporting a tie this enticing is definitely a power move.

DolcePunta, which premiered in 2002, produces some of the most luxurious neckwear known to humanity. Its ties could top your checklist of men’s fashion gift ideas for years to come.

43. Elijah Linen Elastic Loafer

Purchase at: Donald Pliner

Whether you’re loafing about or you have miles to go before you sleep, these loafers make excellent companions for the feet and excellent men’s fashion gift ideas. Their uppers are formed from distressed linen elastic, and their soles are rubber. Leather pieces complete the composition of these slip-on shoes.

44. Eton Contemporary Fit Plaid Dress Shirt

Purchase at: Nordstrom Rack

About 3,000 years ago, a mummy was buried in western China along with some plaid fabric. Of course, plaid is still going strong today. It’s probably immortal.

This 100 percent cotton dress shirt from Eton is an example of plaid attire at its most exquisite. It has a spread collar, a yoke on the back, a French placket and cuffs with one button apiece.

45. Gran Sasso Polo Sweater

$260.99 – 348
Purchase at: DXL

A polo sweater is more formal than your average sweatshirt and slightly more casual than your typical sweater. Here’s a polo sweater worth taking pride in. The mixture of silk and Merino wool is ravishing. The details are likewise impressive, and they include a collar that’s ribbed and a placket with three buttons. The person who gets this polo sweater from you will have an extra reason to look forward to the coming of autumn each year.

46. Hickey Freeman Solid Pleated Dress Pants

Purchase at: Dillard’s

Dress pants are one of the necessities of a man’s life, and Hickey Freeman makes them with great skill and style. This product is pleated in the front and made from worsted wool.

These pants come in four colors. If you’re not sure which color your recipient would prefer, see if his significant other or a close buddy could give you a hint. Men’s fashion gift ideas should be customized, after all.

47. Hugo Boss Undershirts

Purchase at: Macy’s

They keep men warm. They prevent scratching. They keep moisture under control. They hide parts of the torso that guys would like to hide. Undershirts do all of that and more, yet they rarely get the appreciation from the fashion world that they deserve.

You can do your part to promote the undershirt by including these Hugo Boss three-packs among your men’s fashion gift ideas. These sleek cotton undergarments have crew necks and short sleeves, and they make good pajama shirts as well.

48. Hook + Albert Metal Stick Pin

Purchase at: Hook + Albert

Be honest: When you think of men’s fashion gift ideas, do you think of stick pins? Most people probably wouldn’t, but these decorative metal objects can really help a suit or other ensemble stand out. They give clothing that extra little oomph.

These Hook + Albert pins are part of the company’s Chris Paul collection. The Houston Rockets point guard loves pins, and once you see this piece, you’ll understand why. It’s plated with gold and has a cubic zirconia, and the fabric’s buffalo plaid is a Scottish dream come true.

49. Johnson Faux Leather Backpack From Robert Graham

Purchase at: Saks Off Fifth

Whether a man is exploring the wilderness or navigating city streets, a backpack is the most convenient place to store his essentials. At one time, many fashion-conscious individuals may have approached the backpack with some trepidation. Now, though, backpacks can be works of art, as this Robert Graham item proves.

This bag is plenty spacious, with straps you can adjust and a lining made of fabric. It has flap pockets, interior pockets and compartments for holding pens and pencils. There’s a drawstring as well as a magnetic fastening system. It’s everything you need as you go marching along.

50. Men’s Holiday Reindeer Footed Pajamas

Purchase at: Macy’s

Finally, let’s think about Christmas Eve. Imagine one of your male friends or relatives wearing festive red pajamas covered with pictures of moose. Even if that’s not an image you’d like to have in your head, these polyester pajamas still make an awesome present. They have feet, a hood and a couple pockets, and they zip up in front. Santa Claus would definitely high-five anyone he saw in these PJs.

Hopefully, these 50 men’s fashion gift ideas will take care of most of the guys in your life. Those men are sure to appreciate the caliber of these products and the superiority of their design and construction. And, while you have your laptop and credit card out this December, remember two things. First, it’s never too early to start shopping for next Christmas. And, second, it’s a good idea to pick out a few items for yourself as a reward for all of your hard work and thoughtfulness. Happy holidays!

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